Southern Comfort.

Although I am a very northern girl at heart but there are sometimes when you know when the south feels like home. I could never call it home but I can call it family.

I recently ventured to New Orleans for the first time which was a fantastic experience. I think to my family I was living up to my "crazed photographer" name and shoving them in front of every doorway and building imaginable ad clicking away. That city is absolutely beautiful I hope to go back there for a prolonged stay with the boyfriend.

The prime destination of the family venture in the middle of my school year (yikes) was to attend my cousin's wedding for which we found ourselves in Pensacola Florida. I had such a blast seeing the family and taking pictures that I was almost sad to come home.... which was interesting because it took 3 trips and 4 airports to get me home =)

A street view of New Orleans.

Yes thats right... dancing grenades are prominent in new orleans and they sell beer.

I was just amused by this =)

New Orleans is beautiful at night.

I thought this car looked like a clay model =)

End of day 1.

Portrait I took of my brother in law at our hotel.

After I took his portrait he helped me photograph my sister. Human light stands are the best!

One of the shots from that day.

Portrait I took of my sister at my cousins wedding. She probably had more photos taken of her than the wedding party.

A rare images of yours truly.