Today I graduated with Honors in Fashion and Honors in Portraiture. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life to attend NESOP and I can say in full confidence that I will never regret it. I grew as a photographer and as a person and become profoundly attached to a building and the people inside. I have made friends for life, without whom I would not have come as far as I have.

My graduation outfit in all its glory.

We shook the hands of all the faculty.

The Class of 2009!

My dad and I.

The Puwalski's.

Jesse and I.

My friends Bonny and Kyle from MD came to see me graduate. =)

Shoko, Janine and I peering out from behind the flowers.

My fashion Teacher and TA, those guys are amazing and inspiring individuals, they made me want to pursue fashion.

Mike and I clownin' around as usual.

Mr. Jon lee and I. you couldn't ask for a better friend.

Dave Katz and I. He is the director of our school and he was our shoulder to cry on and our kick in the butt. Non of us would have made it through without this man.

My mention in the gallery show!

Me next to my photo in the Gallery show.

Yep, my sister made me a giant cupcake!! =D