Pond Dashing

So thanks to the generous people at British Airways was given a chance to go to london because of a contest through NESOP for British Airways to go and photography modern london fashion. So Jesse and I spend 14 days in London scheduling, planning and shooting. I got to work with some amazing people and I really love that city.

(London At night, so alive!)

(Jesse on the Underground)

(We went to see a movie in london, the theater still had curtains like a play and I thought it was cool)

(Wooden Sculpture outside of the park near our Hostel)

(Jesse at the Park near our hostel)

(The entrance hall of the British Museum, Such a beautiful building!)

(I always find it interesting how intently people stare at things in museums)

(Street shot in London)

(Around Soho, this whole area reminded me of a fairytale and it was my favorite spot to walk around)

(Images from Neal's garden restaurant, we relaxed there for quite a while.)

(Photo of Jesse walking down the hall of our hostel, I really ended up liking this shot a lot)

(Our flight back to the states, British Airways you rock!)

(A taste of some of the images from London, I'm just ichin' to get them retouched and up)

I walked away from london with some amazing images,contacts of some talented people, and wonderful memories. I will definitely be back as soon as I can!