Designer Spotlight: Maya Luz

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of the most talented emerging designers. Maya Luz  has a unique style and attitude that is transparent in her clothing. While being conceptual and sculptural they are still extremely wearable. I absolutely adore her line of purses that she created, they reminded me of the bombs that Natasha always had in rocky and Bullwinkle!

I Met Maya when were were both still in school and were partnered to shoot her graduation collection Fashcism. Since then she has had a tremendous amount of well deserved press and can be seen on this up coming season of Project Runway (season 7) as well as a feature in Surface Magazine.

While I am completely inspired and in love with her creations the real gem is Maya herself. We were able to meet up with her once again in London while she was on her internship and I was shooting for British Airways and It was so rejuvenating to hear her thoughts on the industry and personal growth, I really admire her and I know she will do fantastic things.

(Photos of Maya's Work)

Update: Check out my photos of Maya's Designs on Surface Magazines Webstie!