Chi Bang Bodies

Jesse and I have belong to Gold's gym in Fenway for a while, Chi runs his training business  "Chi Bang Bodies // Personal Training" out of Gold's. Chi trains a lot of the areas premiere athletes and entertainers including Red Sox players and Olympic athletes. So needless the say he is one hardcore man!

Last christmas I purchased training sessions from one of Chi's trainers for Jesse (he got me 10 classes at Synergy for christmas that year. It kind of felt a little "gift of the magi.")  From that Chi and I really got acquainted and I even took some photographs of him with one of his trainers for an assignment while I was in school.

So recently when Chi approached me about doing some photos of him while he was in competition condition I was thrilled! I strived for a more "Men's Health" look to the photos with Chi and we even put his muscles to work doing a little parkour set up. I'm extremely happy with how these turned out, it was such a new and fun experience for me to shoot something like this.

Chi placed in the top tier for his first competition and we did the shoot between that and his second competition (WHICH HE TOOK FIRST PLACE IN!!!!) 

Congratulations Chi!