My Studio

So pretty much since we moved into our apartment we have been in a constant state of remodeling. I have to truly thank every model, stylist, makeup artist and hairstylist that has dealt with my digs before they were up to par! But amidst the blood, sweat, and tears (and oh yes there has been plenty of all three) the apartment is finally starting to take shape, but specifically my studio if finally becoming a comfortable work space!

Here are a few photos I took of my studio after a shoot on saturday, its not completely finished but I'm so happy with how far it's come!

(view of my seamless wall from the mezzanine)

(Larger view of the shooting area, you can see my desk in the corner!)

(and again!)

(view of the back mezzanine from the view point of the seamless)

(My desk and client waiting area from the view point of the seamless)

I'll post some more photos as I finish the last details. Let me know what you guys think!!