Melissa Rodwell Workshop

So I recently went to a photography workshop with renouned photographer Melissa Rodwell in LA.  Melissa has been a great inspiration to me both personally and photographically for a long time so I was thrilled to finally get the chance to meet her in person.

Right from the start the atmosphere of the group was fantastic. Everyone spoke a little about their photographic experience and their reasons for coming to the workshop. I went to the workshop because I wanted to meet and talk with people who are as passionate about fashion photography as I am. Far too often other professionals aren't viewed as resources they are immediately categorized as competition.

Melissa really made the effort to talk to everyone during the first day. She spoke to me a number of times and I'm sure I was one of the quietest people there. At the end of the day she looked at my website portfolio, going through and giving me advice as we talked.

These are some images from day 1- shooting:

(Melissa Demonstrating the second lighting set up)

(Free for all shooting at the end!)

As great as it was to be able to shoot in an amazing studio like Smashbox I found the second day of the workshop the most rewarding. We talked about the business of fashion photography and photography in general. Melissa spoke so candidly about her experiences, mistakes and knowledge that it felt more like a conversation between old friends than the dialog of a lecturing instructor. 

I have learned a great deal from Melissa, her worksop was one of the most educational experience of my life.