BloodMilk by J.L Schnabel

So recently I have been emerging myself in the blogs of fashionistas, artists, designers, and psychopaths and upon my journey I found J.L Schnabel's Blog. She is a delightfully insightful and inspiring jewelry designer and artists from Philly. She creates jewelry from vintage or found pieces and are uniquely cast.

I had approached J. L. about using some of her pieces in the gibson house photoshoot. However, thanks to the soul less cretins at the US Postal Service, that wasn't possible. There was a masterful issue with the shipping and we weren't able to receive the package until after the shoot.

I wanted to at least do some test shots with the pieces while I had them. Here are some of the photos that I took of J.L. Schnabel's jewelry.

Please check out her Etsy account for more examples of her work!