Inspiration: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Why I find Joseph Gordon Levitt inspirational is not that he is a actor but the caliber of his character. In every interview I read with him he is always so humble and thankful to just be able to do what he is doing. 

In one of his most recent interviews he mentioned how he, like most young people, use to be cynical and unhappy. He use to think that he was "smarter than everyone and that the world was stupid" but now that hes older his attitude is "what does it really gain me or anyone to be cynical? We're here, we might as well make the best of it right?"Someone who can fully admit to feeling that way and explain why he was wrong has my total respect. 

I love Joe's perspective, he really understands "artists and art are everywhere" not just contained within the hollywood hills or the city of New York.

We are taught by educators and peers to believe that when we accomplish anything to be celebrated as our biggest achievement. That once we learn or "master something" that we will be able to preform that action perfectly and on command every time... but that isn't true. 

As creators we are groomed to have a protective nature over what we deem to be "ours." Projects that once would have had great room for collaboration now now are dictated by those with "sole creative control" Why? In a way I think Artists have lost their sense of community. Ironic, with all the various communities created to keep us so connected that we know when and where all of our 300 "friends" are and what they are doing. But are we really connected? No. The main use for those sites are to inform and showcase. "Here is my work, what do you think?" "This brand is having a sale this week!" "Just published an editorial in a magazine!"

We are also lead to believe, whether we own up to it or not, that if we are an artists that we are special. That we are somehow smarter than everyone else.... but that isn't true either. Anyone can do what we do. Anyone can be a photographer, actor, model, musician, painter, novelist, ect. These are not abilities that are necessarily unique to us, but that doesn't make it unimportant. It is our drive at creating and bringing into the world what is inside us, not our titles or what is assumed about us because we are "creatives."

Five years ago Joe created a website called it allows artists to upload their work, download work from others, and remix. If you are inspired by someone's song you can download it, remix it and re upload it for them to view. In a word you can COLLABORATE! 

So thank you Joe for being an inspirational person, an inspirational artist, and an innovator.