Siren's Allure Photoshoot

I have been longing to do a photo shoot at the beach all summer, and when I found out that we were going to have the last warm day of the summer I grabbed a fab team of ladies and headed to the beach! Novelist Holly Black in one of her books writes about a creature that lures people into the water, killing them and forever making them a companion. That idea has always stayed in my mind and I wanted to somehow incorporate the feeling of helplessness, danger and yearning into the shoot.

Cynthia August (Stylist) was able to a place for us to do hair and makeup and then we headed out on our beach adventure!I forgot how much of a challenge it is to shoot on sand, I still have sand in my camera case!

(Everyone getting ready)

(Sara) (Rose)

(Amanda and I lounging around while trying to find some snacks for the shoot)

(Rose is blossoming into a brilliant little lighting technician)

(Lighting specialist I tell you!)

(My photographing the lovely Amanda Gordon)

(I think we did pretty well for an on location base camp)

All behind the scenes photographs taken by Kitty Dare. 

Below are some of the final images from the shoot!