The Runaway: Spirited Magazine

The temperature in Boston has been unbearable lately, I long for California and all its vitamin D yielding sunlight! However, if you find yourselves able to venture out into that unholy weather tomorrow come to the Lily pad tomorrow night in Inman Square.

Spirited magazine is hosting a Soirée to honor the release of its second issue "Cloak and Dagger." Spirited was initially conceived as instillation art, as it has been embraced by a growing number of supporters it has transcended the original concept and become a full fledged magazine. 

I had heard nothing but wonderful things about Stylist Amanda Maciel Antunes and when I got the opportunity to work with her I discovered that none of them quite do her justice. I have never met someone as driven, ambitious and delightful as this young woman. She is the editor in chief of Spirited and pretty much runs around like a mad lady getting everything together. 

Amanda saw a lack of connection in the creative community and bore Spirited out of a desire to bring artists together. 

It is a goal after my own heart and to me it makes Amanda a fiercely courageous girl. 

Below is the editorial we worked on together:

Spirited Magazine "Cloak and Dagger" Issue can be viewed via the link below: