Miss Mass to Miss USA

My very last shoot in my studio loft, it was a little emotional for me. To help you understand I have to explain that Jesse and I had been packing and disassembling our things for the entire day before the shoot. I began to notice that we were not on schedule to leave the following day because we just had so much to do, as a result I ended up continuing to pack through the night and into the morning without sleep.

Alida D'Angona and her coach Rafa Delfin arrived early so as I go the studio ready sent an S.O.S to the amazing Rose Fortuna to see if she could bring me some much needed caffeinated energy. ( I think this was the day that I turned Rose on to "Red Eyes.")

The shoot was wonderful and I had such a great time shooting Alida, she is a natural in front of the camera and genuinely sparkly individual! We talked, took pictures, and laughed, the perfect last shoot in my tiny studio.

My last studio set up, sparse but beautiful

Relaxing a little before everyone arrives

The lovely early morning light coming through my studio window

Everyone having a laugh before the first look, Donald Trump is watching over us in approval!

I think Raine is really intrigued by Mr. Trump

Alida D'Angona wears that crown like a rock star!

Pardon my tired appearance, I really had so much fun!

  Ps: After finishing this shoot I continued to pack up the apartment and proceeded to not sleep again. I caught a 2 hour nap in the early morning before throwing the last few items in the UHaul and driving to Maryland. I have never had so much coffee in my life! ( Yes Jon Lee, I consumed even more coffee than I did while printing my portfolio. At least this time it was good coffee ;-)

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