My Dazzeling Dolls

  So between Rose Fortuna and I we could probably fill a house with random things and accessories we have saved for possible shoots, that's just how we are. So we decided we had to do a shoot revolving around the idea of childhood "dress up" and in all of our prop pack rat glory we dove into our closets! 

  I really loved how these images came out, they have an air of playfulness and youth that was completely what we wanted. The girls were fantastic and Rose even did the makeup with slight smudging to mimic that "play time" look.

And yes, she did make that Lisa Frank banner look fabulous

If you look real close you can see our mountain of props =)

Fake myspace image with our fiesta nails

We are novices in the art of quick nail removal

I made this fabulous nail set for the shoot, and yes I still rock them on occasion

Tessa Morrissey, Rose Fortuna and Rachel Hurst

I think Tessa, Rose and I were separated at birth. Your attitude inspires me girl, I might just make this picture a poster.

* Stay tuned to for images from the shoot!