Bye Bye Boston + Hello Collage Education

  *This blog comes in 2 parts so keep reading ;-)

   Our move from Boston was easily the toughest move yet for us, it was the longest we have stayed in an apartment and with our busy schedules we both just had to stick out and get it done. With 48 hours running on espresso and coffee, 2 17-ft UHaul trailers, and many many home depot boxes we were able to get everything done.

  I'm sad to leave the city, I have never been a suburban girl and I'll most likely be screaming for my pavement coffee soon enough but I'm excited to start something new. We are going to be situated in Maryland for the summer so that we can get everything in order for a potentially huge move. We are either going to go to Los Angeles or New York City (although right now NYC is the frontrunner.)

The last picture of my studio before I packed everything up

I made these plexiglass numbers for our door, it was a little confusing on the 7th floor

A picture of the Elevator on my trip out to the car, Jesse left the tenants of 1126 some artwork in the elevator =)

This is my block

My favorite coffee house, possibly ever.

  About a week after we made it to Maryland Jesse and I flew back up to Boston with his parents to attend his graduation from Berklee.

  It was strange to be back in Boston as a visitor but I don't intend for it to be the last time.

Jesse and his dad talk over coffee at Pavemnt

I think Jesse's dad liked the place ;-)

Jesse, his mother, and his father

Of course I had to come to pavement, it's like home!

Jesse in our hotel room

We took his parent to the museum of natural history in harvard

We had a hippo yelling contest

I think Jesse's mom wins

I spy a clue!

Mr. Bartly's Burger Cottage

So many music majors

All done and ready to get out of that smock