Spotlight: Christine Keenan

    Anyone that has heard me talk about or seen my photographs of her know that I have the biggest girl crush on Christin Keenan. She has braved fire, black lights, and lacerations to help create some of the most breathtaking and memorable images in my portfolio. Often when I have doubts about pulling off a shot because of logistical or time contraints she is the one urging me on.

    I think the fact that our first shoot together was my most intricate shoot at that point was miraculous gift of fate. That day she dealt with strange and incredibly specific poses, really bazaar accessories, and long hours. But that's when I knew I had my girl ;-)

   On my last trip to Boston we were finally able to get together and do a low key shoot; just friends hanging out, taking photos. Rose's boyfriend Rick has a trunk of studded vests, leather jackets, cuffs and other delightful things that he graciously allowed us to fawn over. A gleaming treasure trove of stage clothes and punk rock relics were our playthings for the day and some of our all time favorite things.

   After our shoot Christine put me on the guest list for her show, because unlink me, she is a rock star in real life. ;-) I have to say she does not disappoint, she is as much of a fire cracker on stage as she is in front of the camera.

Christine Lighting it up!
Christine Keenan & Jackie Puwalski <3

Christine, you rock my world!