Designed by Jesse Lin

This is the prototype design of a raw denim apron. My first job was as a barista and having worked at several different cafés and restaurants I was always dissatisfied with the apron, something that is so important. I have also been underwhelmed by many of the designer aprons on the market as well.

I wanted to address issues of sustainability as well as emphasize the importance of good design rooted in a deep connection to function and creation.

As such, the apron is designed to be functional in real situations as well as being comfortable and stylish. For the military-grade, waterproof hardware I chose Austrialpin Cobra buckles which can withstand over 2000lbs of force and the clips are Heckler & Koch, originally designed to hang the MP5 submachine gun.

I will continue to refine the design and eventually plan to offer custom configurations and tailoring for the specific needs of different artisans with different physiques.