Korea is the leader in skincare innovation, the only downside is that it's too complicated. We wanted to change that.


"They have a long history of skincare, philosophies on healthy skin, and R&D."

  • Shots of founders landing in airport.
  • Walking in city

"We wanted to learn from their expertise and adapt it to the American Lifestyle. Consolidating their 10+ step skincare regime, adapting it to the American lifestyle"

  • Brief shots from Dermatologist appointment
  • Shots from museum (showing process)
  • [maybe] Interview Dermatologist/Sehmi's mom (beauty company owner)


[Not an interview, more of a narrative. Not about Panacea but products]

Focus on the intention put into ingredient story, packaging, and product results. Founders all add to story. Recollection of product process and intention.

"We wanted to create an initial line of products that Removes, Replenishes and Protects our skin and fits into our daily regiment in a way that is manageable. A routine that you can stick with that leads to great results without taking hours."


We've been working with one of the top skincare research teams in the world to find the solution.

"Our lab, Kolmar, works with brands like L'oreal, Estee Lauder and other global skincare brands and it was important for us to work with someone who has this kind of knowledge and experience."

  • Shots of lab wide and close up (if available)
  • Founders speaking with lab people.
  • Testing products
  • Inserts of in depth conversation & gesture (talking with Violet about SPF)
  • Shots of laptop, logo, package design

Bringing it Home

We were able to take a complicated process and make it accessible.

We've pared down a pantheon of steps to 3 products focusing on products to remove, replenish and protect your skin.

[Ending more human, simple, personal voice: "When taking care of your skin is simple, it sets your day up right"]

  • Interview shots
  • Product shots
  • [POSS] Girl look at self in mirror after washing skin