Intro With Cityscape at Sunrise

This hints at the philosophy of Panacea and the start of the day.

Follow Shot

Follow group of founders (not ID'd as founders) as they explore the city to put the audience in their shoes.

V/O : "South Korea is quickly gaining recognition as the skincare capital of the world"

Shopping Area + Storefronts

Flowing through different shopping areas show the accessibility and affluence of Seoul skincare/cosmetics industry.

Speed is slower, more magical.

V/O : "One of the modern super cities of Asia, Seoul has several shopping districts, with skincare and cosmetic stores on every block."


Interviews With Young People

Focus on showing how knowledgable Korean people are about skincare.

What is Beauty to you?

How would you describe your skin?

What is a good skincare routine?

How long do you spend each day? 2 hours

How many products do you use? 10-18

Science: Spa + Dermatologist

Focus more on the historical context of skincare and how that has led to innovation.

"The ideals and practices of Korean Beauty emphasizes clear and healthy skin with minimal make-up, a philosophy dating back hundreds of years."

  • Shots in spa (focusing on skincare as a process and value)
  • Interview with dermatologist
  • Shots in museum/ interview with guide
  • Shots of museum artifacts
  • Modern spa treatments
  • Shots from factory
  • Shots of products in store

"With such a long practice, It comes as no surprise that South Korea has been at the forefront of research into new skincare products."

  • Interview w/ Sehmi's mom (beauty brand owner)

[this part is the lead out from this section to the ending]

The Future

Other countries have started to take notice of the expertise of K-Beauty. Many  "beauty tourists", have begun to flock to South Korea to learn more about and purchase skincare products to bring home.

In 2015 Korean exports of skincare products increased by 61.7%

It is expected to continue growing at a faster pace.

  • Time lapse of busy street