2012 Wrap Up

  So strange that another year is coming to an end.

  For me 2012 was a year of healing, learning, growing and accepting.

  The several months I spent recovering from surgery earlier in the year I filled with books, movies, documentary and articles; Discovering and rediscovering myself. I was able to quiet my mind and be still (which is very abnormal for me) and reacquaint myself with my interests and talents. Surprising and varied as I forget they sometimes are.

  I find it hard to detail the development that occurred within me this year, so I won't go to great lengths to pour over it in words.

  It is this growth in the essence of my personality that led me to lust for something scary. A challenge that would both thrill and terrify me.

  I picked up my life and moved to London, to pursue adventure and a master's degree in Fashion Photography and I am not disappointed. It has been hard to be so far away from everything I know, and a great number of the people I love. At times the loneliness is palpable and I fear the weight of it, but the wonder of it all soon makes everything else fade away. In such a short time I have met some truly wonderful people. Kindred creative spirits and amazing talents, they inspire me to push myself to further than I dared every before.....

  .... And then push on.

   I can say, with complete certainty, that 2013 is going to be a thrill.

  An Absolute THRILL.