The Gibson House Shoot

The Gibson house shoot is the biggest production shoot I have done to date, so much blood sweat and tears went into making this shoot happen and I can not express my thanks enough to everyone involved.

I originally had the concept for this shoot back in March and spend about 3 weeks scouting different historical houses in Boston until deciding on the Gibson House. The gibson house is a curious piece of Boston's history and after receiving the tour from Charles Swift ( The museums director) I was smitten with its charm. If anyone has a free afternoon I highly recommend taking a tour of this beautiful house, information can be found on their website. I had been wanting to shoot an editorial that was softer and more emotional.

The concept for  the spread is that it is a glimpse into the life of a very wealthy girl who, because she is alone all the time, only has her eccentric hobbies to keep her company. I like that idea that because she is incredibly lonely she starts to combine her hobbies into a new creation. I was greatly inspired by the stories of the actual owner of the house and attempted to include his essence in my work.

The Final Editorial Layout

Model: Christine Keenan (Maggie Models Inc)
Wardrobe Stylist: Anna Rogozin (Team Agency)
Makeup: Alanna Digregorio
Hair: Yasutaké Kosaka
Assistants: Alice Bialobrodec & Jesse Lin
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