Shake it up, its okay

I recently had the opportunity to shoot for Papercut magazine's holiday issue. The idea behind this shoot was that the Wendi (the model) is stuck in a snow globe and plays on the dynamic of shaking the snow globe and letting it settle.

This ended up being one of the longest shoots I've had, we started at 11am and finished up around 9pm. Despite the long hours these wonderful girls made it all worth it!


Photographer: Jackie Puwalski
Model: Wendi Sickinger @Maggie Inc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Rina Patsiokostas @ Team
Make up: Alanna Digregorio
Hair: Laura Dillon

Special Thanks to:
Camilla Wellton
The Keegan Collection
Blood Milk Jewelry

The issue has arrive and is winking at me from it's pretty plastic =)

My image in the print magazine!

You can view the magazine Here -