Welcome to the Southland

   If I ever needed a reminder of just how different it is where I am from, I need only look over my shoulder. Our first day back in Maryland we went out to the mall, which I though was a fairly low key thing to do when recovering from extreme caffeine exposure. I bet malls in Massachusetts don't have stores that look like this ;-)

I have been looking for a rig that will get me up in a tree.... but which one to choose?!

All the decorative taxidermy really makes me think these hunting supplies are more effective

Look at all those award winning deer heads

And yes, you can go rock climbing in the store 
As well as shoot at the interactive shoot'n archade, I totally played

Apparently it is more of "A Proud Maryland Tradition" than I ever knew

There was a suspended rope bridge with dummies in full gear, that is total prop commitment